a good week

i love productive times like this. first i finished the socks, which i kind of like now.

yarn: colinette jitterbug, colorway # 87 bright charcoal, knit on # 2 needles
my own design

than, i had to go to n.y. city for a quick trip. i made sure that i had some time to stop by at my favorite store purl soho. and pretty things i found:

habu cashmere yarn

i bought actually 3 skeins of the off white color. 2 are being knit off by a lovely little lace scarf. i will soon post it.

koigu kpm

it will be used for a 'elisabeth zimmermann hybrid sweater' for my lovely man

alchemy yarn, haiku

and 1 more alchemy haiku

as you can see, i could not resist the siren call. this little beauty is a special order from my new friend roberta. she picked the color, i made up the pattern. more about it later.
as you can see i was quite a busy bee, and ooh,how much fun it was!

p.s: i know i am suppose to minimize my yarn stash. there you see, i am pure weakness when it comes to yarn, and fabric, and good food, and.......

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Anonymous said...

I had know idea when I 'persuaded' you to knit me a lovely scarf that every aspect of the experience would be worth talking about! Wow, what a treat to see and read your blog....It might even get me hooked on 'blogging"....everything that I know of you and what you literally put your hands to is beautiful. Lucky me! I love being your "new friend" Thanks!