miya's school bags

i got a phone call friday afternoon, asking if miya would like to come to school starting next week. we were originally thinking she will go in january. but there was a sudden opening and we decided to give it a try. so yesterday i was frantically going through my fabric stash trying to figure out what she might need. i came up with this:

bag #1 for all her cremes [ sunscreen, arnica & calendula creme]

bag #2 for extra diapers, wipes

bag #3 for extra clothing

i am so nervous. she is just getting to be 2 years young, and there she goes to school!!!
there are more photos on my flickr

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Siena said...

These bags are adorable! I have a girl the same age, and should make her some bags too. But I haven`t dared to touch my new sewing machine yet...
PS: I just discovered your blog - it`s beautiful!