pattern: "hearts" by tora frøseth design
yarn: Simple BFL Sock by mamablue
needle: us1 & 2

a sweat little top for miya. tora did a lovely job on this pattern. it is knit from the top down & the hearts are the actual increases- pretty cool. the yarn is machine washable, not that i would ever do that. but it is nice to know that i could if i wanted to.
i finished it a few weeks ago, but had no buttons. i don't know how it is with you, it can take me weeks to finely find the right ones.
speaking of finishing, i knit the "blanket cardigan" from sarah dallas last december - you would think there was plenty of time to sew it together.well it is still not done. i have to find a way to overcome my resistance to sewing the pieces together. maybe i should only knit in the round from now on, no sewing there.


Tora said...

Your version is lovely! I like the non-sweet gray with the very girly hearts! And I'm glad you liked my pattern, of course!

kirsten said...

this is gorgeous!
must chase this pattern up. so very sweet.
is it on ravelry?