pattern: "sunray" by me
yarn: plumknit 8ply cashmere
needle: us9

i knit this neck warmer back in april. it came out quite lovely. squishy, warm and cheerful. it was a fast and easy knit. if you are interested, the pattern is now available for free download.
i have put a link on my free pattern tab.


Cloudberry said...

Thanks for sharing!
I love the stitch pattern and have it in my ravelry queue :)

Unknown said...

Hi! I love the pattern and I want to to make my own sunray, but I think I'm missing something... This is the first time I knit a pattern written in english, so maybe I don'nt understand... When you write "Cast on 34 sts. knit 1 row.start pattern" Do I have actually to knit 1 row and then I have to start with the 1 row?
I always end up with the slip on the back of the work and not on the right side as on your picture...
Have I made myself clear? I'm sorry, sometimes it's hard to explain as I don't know all the english terms in knitting...