nora's cami finished

pattern: "beaded cami" by black dog designs
yarn: "flaxen" from handmaiden, 2 skeins
needles: us 4

wooo! that was a close one! i have around 4" of yarn left. that's all! i will not bore you with my anxiety attacks. lets just say there wasn't a dull moment knitting this lovely top.
having absolutely no yarn left for the straps, i used some twill band instead. the white flacks in the yarn correspond nicely with it. (the colors are much richer - can't get the photo right, darn it)

i took nora's suggestion and knitted it in the round. since my gauge was a bit off i had to add a few more decreases. to compensate for the lost stitches at the top lace, i knitted only 4 pattern repeats and a rib with knit2, purl 1 the rest of the stitches.

i am in complete love with this top. the pattern is fun to knit and the yarn is wonderful on the skin. perfect for our never ending summer.
thank you nora for this great pattern!


Nora said...

Thank you for knitting it - it looks stunning on you! :)

Lolly said...

Oh, your version is so beautiful! I really like your yarn choice. Very very nice :)