that's what i am up to

my apologies for being absent for so long. there is a new passion in my life: spinning.
it started out quite harmless. i saw all the pretty fiber from pigeonroof studios whenever she had an update. soon enough i had a couple fibers at home. so what to do with them? needle felting? hmmm......
and than i stumbled on ravelry [where else] on the spindler group - long story short: i now own 9 beautiful spindles and a wheel.
i am completely taken by the idea to create from fiber- to yarn- to knit. it gives me so many more possibilities, and i am learning quite a bit about the different fibers and their properties.
i am having lots of fun


peaknits said...

I love your mosaic! And yay for spinning, I got into Krista's club too *high five*:)

greenolive said...

once the spinning bug bites you are powerless to resist! I too have been bitten!