planet earth

there was a spinning challenge on the spindlers group on ravelry. the theme was "my home".
i am usually not up for these, but this one got me thinking. i was born in austria, but lived there only until my early 20's. i moved so many times in my life that i stopped counting after 40 moves. now i am in los angeles with the love of my life and our daughter. so, where is home?

i decided to call planet earth my home

the fiber is from the very talented krista from pigeonroof studios. it is a superwash merino in the 'blue serpentine' colorway. the spindle is a bosworth mini made out of ambrosia maple wood . i spun it into a 3 ply, fine fingerling weight. it came to around 510 yards


Carlene said...

I love this so much!

keri said...

That is stunning! I was admiring it on ravelry when it popped up on my friends page. The color is stunning - and such a great interpretation of the theme!

Siena said...

Great idea and beautiful yarn!

Lise said...

Beautiful :)

Velvet said...

I love this! From inspiration - fiber - yarny goodness!