my life is going lately a bit topsy turfy. so what to do on the knitting front? the answer was knitting hats. small enough and easy enough to knit whenever i had a moment.
the pattern is felicity by wanett clyde.
the yarn #1 is from plumknit, #2 and 4 are from hedgehog fibres and #3 from the plucky knitter.


Helena said...

I have this pattern in my queue, too. Looks like I might have to knit it soon, as well :)

lucy said...

Sounds like a perfect project to keep you engaged when life gets busy!

hope you're OK.

mistybliss said...

oh Ulli, your hats are wonderful! I love the Felicity pattern too.. it's in my queue - you just may have inspired me to get one started! Hope your life isn't too 'topsy turfy'!
{hugs} xx