i reached a point in my life where it is all about simplifying. it just got all a bit too much. so it was high time for some changes.
one thing what had to get easier was my blog. i realized that i felt guilty not blogging about my projects, thoughts, likes, inspirations and so on.
and than i stumbled upon tumblr. a perfect tool for me. super easy to use, i treat it more like a scrapbook than a journal. i love it!
i am so glad i found it, because the only other option for me would have been to stop my blogging for now.
please come vistit: purehandmade


Anonymous said...

I totally hear what you are saying, Ulli! Your photos really shine on tumblr. Keep up the great work.

mistybliss said...

blogging *can* be stressful... I discovered tumblr a little while ago and I just love it too! Will look forward to catching your beautiful images and thought there xxx