plumknit lace socks

yarn: plumknit sock yarn wool-cashmere
needles: 4 double point clover bamboo US# 1
own design
pattern name: bluebell

i love this yarn sooo much! it is 80% fine wool & 20% cashmere. it is like butter.

my friend cynthia from plumknit gave me a cry for help. she got all this amazing sock yarn and was in desperate need for a pattern. since it is over 90 degrees right now, all what i could think of was lace. but she also has this yarn in beautiful variegated hand dyed colors. great for simple socks.
i knitted the socks in small to medium & medium to large size.
the pattern will be soon available at plumknits.

on an other note, i am slowly chipping away on the hybrid sweater. it was almost finished when i realized that it was too tight. so there was a big frogging party going on here. but i finished the body and one sleeve, it should not take too long anymore. at least i hope so.

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