first of all my 'planet earth' project is finished. i am quite happy with the subtle color changes and the drape of my towel. i used it already for the teapot to keep warm, the bread basket and on the table under the candles.
the pattern is basket weave with a garter stitch border and it measures 16 by 17 inches

a simple lemon cake made out of my meyer lemons from the garden. the recipe is from
the pioneer woman. i read about the cake first on a blog, but i just can't remember where.
since i never can just follow a recipe as is, i had to change a few things: instead of the vanilla extract i used lemon juice, instead of the marmalade glaze i made a simple lemon sugar glaze. all together a fast and easy cake which was eaten up in no time.


Lise said...

What a lovely towel :) and a delicious cake. Did it taste good?

Nora said...

Beautiful towel. The colours are stunning.